Additional informations:
  • Current version : 0.21
  • updated :
    January 15, 2020
  • size : unknown
  • Requires android : 2.1M
  • installs : 100+

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のように書いておくと、メール作成時に「名前」という入力欄ができます。そこに名前を貼り付けて送信ボタンを押すと、%%名前%% の箇所に貼り付けた名前が埋め込まれます。


Pre-registered e-mail template (template), you can create an e-mail by specifying it. Specify the e-mail title and body of the.

In addition, you can specify a pad character. Advance in the template to


If you leave writing as in, you can input field called "Name" at the time of mail creation. When you press the send button there to paste the name, it is filled with the name that was attached to the place of %% name %%.

E-mail will be sent by the application by calling the mail application. For example, if the standard of the mail application is Gmail, start a mail creation screen of Gmail, the destination and the title, after will open in a state in which the body has been set simply press the send button.

Already created template is edited or deleted by a long press, you can move the position (cut paste).