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Additional informations:
  • Current version : 9.11.4
  • updated :
    December 10, 2019
  • size : 54M
  • Requires android : 4.2 and up
  • installs : 1,000,000+

App description

95 Live直播已經成熟運營超過3年,在新馬台灣香港已經超過百萬次下載,主打外型惹火聲音甜美顏值靚麗的美眉主播,更有眾多高知名度的華人唱歌歡歌藝人明星,在這個視訊直播社區裡面,無論你是想看直播還是想直播,都可以輕鬆又放心。


程式商店上網路直播App幾百種, 雖然現在match或者date類型好受年輕人歡迎,其實好多人只是想上一下billboard聽主播唱歌或者想和主播連麥對唱,又或者是想和視訊直播室其他網友聊聊實況決賽,看娛樂電視台直播。有好多超高顏值主播都會轉來95 live華人直播來播耶XD


◆ 豐富的禮物贈送互動

◆ 唱歌才藝表演

◆ 真人視訊實時互動

◆ 互動排行榜

◆ 高質量Live直播流暢畫質,歌藝點唱對唱,精彩刺激小遊戲,最受歡迎主播守護排行榜,熱門主播排行榜, 富豪排行榜, 主播粉絲團排行榜.... 各種眼花繚亂玩法讓你high個不停!

有任何問題或者意見都歡迎騷擾客服小伙伴哦 ! 還會給熱心用戶不定期贈送驚喜禮物哦 !
The 95 Live broadcast has been mature and operated for more than 3 years. It has been downloaded more than a million times in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The main feature is a hot-sounding, sweet-sounding, beautiful-looking female anchor, and many high-profile Chinese singing and singing artist stars. In the live video community, whether you want to watch live or live, you can easily and rest assured.

If you have any questions, please contact the official 95Live Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/95Live/

There are hundreds of webcast apps on the program store. Although the match or date type is now very popular with young people, many people just want to go to billboard to listen to the anchor singing or want to sing with the anchor, or even want to chat with other netizens in the video live room. Talk about the live finals and watch live entertainment TV. There are a lot of super-high-value anchors who will switch to 95 live Chinese live broadcasts to broadcast yeah XD

[Main Features of 95Live Live]
◆ Totally free of charge $
Really free communication, unlike other apps that make money, download now and rest assured, as long as 0 yuan!

◆ Rich gifts and interaction
There are many show gifts, fun gifts, romantic gifts, event gifts in the live room. There must be a gift you want to give. Give your favorite anchor an action to like.

◆ Singing talent show
The anchors you appreciate will sing for you, and you will be singing duets, K songs, and the song list will be updated at any time.

◆ Real-time video interactive
Carefully select high-value anchors to host you, more professional and attentive video artists

◆ Interactive leaderboard
Send gifts for your anchor to the gift list, as well as various activity charts, consumption charts, online interaction is fun and fun

◆ High-quality live streaming with smooth picture quality, singing and singing duets, exciting and exciting mini-games, most popular anchor guard charts, popular anchor charts, rich chart, anchor fan group charts ... Various dazzling gameplay let You're high!

Any questions or comments are welcome to harass customer service partners! Surprise gifts will also be given to enthusiastic users from time to time!