Vacation Budget Buddy

Vacation Budget Buddy

Additional informations:
  • Current version : 1.3
  • updated :
    March 30, 2019
  • size : unknown
  • Requires android : 9.3M
  • installs : 10+

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App description

Vacation Budget Buddy will empower you to stay within budget during your trip.

If you are like me, it is too cumbersome to plan a vacation with a smartphone and feel this is better suited for a spreadsheet using a laptop/desktop. What this app aims to solve is the time spent at the end of a day pouring over receipts or mentally keeping track of what's been spent.

How does it work?

🔵 With Vacation Budget Buddy, you enter your arrival and departures dates along with your spending budget (Food/Merchandise/Misc) and it will determine your daily budget

🔵 Throughout your trip, when you make a purchase, open the app and it will take directly to the purchase screen. Enter your purchase price/category, submit, and done.

🔵 The app also has a widget that will show you 1.) how much you spent that day 2.) how much remains for the day and 3.) how much remains for the rest of the vacation

🔵 At the end of your vacation, you can export the trip to a spreadsheet which contain both detail and summary views.

Vacation Budget Buddy includes the following features:

✔️ Quickly enter purchases as they are made (or enter them, at once, at the end of a day)

✔️ Slide out navigation to quickly traverse screens

✔️ Charts and tables to summarize your daily expenses and, additionally, those trips that have passed

✔️ Export a past trip as a spreadsheet to cloud storage (Google Drive/Dropbox/etc..) or email it

✔️ Add the included widget to your home screen to view current budget info (spent today, remaining today, remaining for the trip)

✔️ Tapping the widget or app during your trip will bring you directly to the “purchase” screen (configurable) to make for quick transactions

✔️ Quickly toggle between graph types – bar chart/pie chart

✔️ (optional) Take pictures and associate them with purchases

✔️ (optional) Add a note/merchant name to any purchase

The premium version adds the following additional features:

✔️ Location Aware Purchases - Purchases are tagged with their location such that you can track “where” they were made

✔️ Predictive Purchases – When making a new purchase, previous purchases are searched based on proximity and categories and notes are pre-filled automatically

✔️ Export Trips - trip data is exported as a spreadsheet (charts included)

So whether you are taking your family on a Disney Vacation, off on a business trip, or just traveling during a holiday break - know that Vacation Budget Buddy is here to save you time and keep you on track .