CCNA Labs Routing

CCNA Labs Routing

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February 15, 2018
  • size : 33M
    • Requires android : unknown
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    App description

    CCNA Routing Labs premuim version provide 73 routing Labs , include CCNA / CCNP lesson routing protocol : EIGRP / OSPF / RIP / BGP , and IP service : DHCP /NAT /ACL/ VRRP / HSRP / IP SLA / GLBP / PPP / NTP/ Tacacs+ / Radius / Telnet / SSH / L2 , L3 EtherChannel for PAgP and LACP , the following is a detailed LAB items :

    (1) IP Service 1 :
    Dynamic NAT
    Static NAT
    PAT (port address translation)
    Extended ACL
    Standard ACL
    Name ACL
    Time ACL
    IPv6 ACL(1)
    IPv6 ACL(2)

    (2)IP Service 2 :
    VRRP (track on serial)
    HSRP (track on serial)
    VRRP/IP SLA (track on ethernet)
    HSRP/IP SLA (track on ethernet)
    GLBP(Gateway Load Balance Protocol)
    DHCP server
    DHCP relay
    Enable NAT on DHCP router
    DHCPv6 auto config

    (3)IP Service 3 :
    DHCPv6 stateless
    DHCPv6 stateful
    PPP CHAP authentication
    PPP PAP authentication
    PPP multilink
    GRE tunnel
    NTP authentication

    (4)IP Routing 1:
    EIGRP manual summary
    EIGRP unequal cost load balance
    EIGRP passive interface
    EIGRP authentication
    EIGRPv6 authentication
    EIGRP redistribution OSPF Route
    EIGRP redistribution RIP Route
    EIGRP redistribution static Route

    (5)IP Routing 2:
    OSPF normal area
    OSPF stub area
    OSPF totally stub area
    OSPF NSSA area
    OSPF totally NSSA area
    OSPF virtual link
    OSPFv3 (OSPF for IPv6)
    OSPF authentication (by area)
    OSPF authentication (by interface)

    (6)IP Routing 3:
    OSPF route summary on ABR
    OSPF route summary on ASBR
    OSPF redistribution RIP route
    OSPF redistribution static route
    RIP route filter
    OSPFv3 virtual link
    Policy base route
    Inter VLAN Routing

    (7)IP Routing 4:
    BGP authentication
    BGP local preference (1) : config global
    BGP local preference (2) : config network prefix
    BGP neighbor
    BGP neighbor use loopback interface
    BGP summary address

    (8)Switch 1:
    Tacacs+ on switch
    Tacacs+ on router
    Radius on switch
    Radius on router
    Reset router
    Reset switch
    Config Telnet
    Config SSH
    Restricted IP access

    (9)Switch 2:
    L2 EtherChannel PAgP
    L3 EtherChannel PAgP
    L2 EtherChannel LACP
    L3 EtherChannel LACP

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