Puzzle Ninja Star

Puzzle Ninja Star

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Additional informations:
  • Current version : 1.0.5
  • updated :
    May 18, 2019
  • size : unknown
  • Requires android : 6.1M
  • installs : 1,000+

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App description

Puzzle Ninja Star is a stylish mind-bending puzzle platformer heavily inspired by the ancient Japanese culture and ninja weaponry. The abilities that the game develops, trains and tests in the player are very similar to the skills that a real ninja warrior would posses:
- spatial ability
- strategic thinking
- savvy
- logic
- agility
- fast reflexes
The game offers you 48 meticulously designed levels to train and challenge your brain. Each level expects the player to discover something new, which is why the game doesn't become repetitive.
Other features include:
- hints to guide you when you can't solve a puzzle
- intuitive free camera mode to view the levels at any point
- optional challenge of fast level completion

The game has no in-game purchases and no ads.

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